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Replenish your Energy with a Food Costume!

Amidst the back and forth party parade on Halloween, you’ll eventually wear yourself out.  The sugar will wear off, your legs will get tired from dancing and trick-or-treating, and, if you’re drinking alcohol, you might get dehydrated.  Remember to keep yourself nourished and full of energy by dressing up in a Food Costume!


Your daily reminder to eat your fruits and vegetables does not have to come from your mother’s mouth.  Keep the healthy foods in mind with a Fruit Costume or Vegetable Costume!  Banana Costumes, Apple Costumes, you name it we got it.  You can dress down as your favorite fruit with a group of friends.  Balance your diet with style, but don’t forget about your vegetables.  The Pea Costumes and Carrot Costumes are colorful and cute.  A Chili Pepper Costume will spice up your night, and a Pumpkin Costume puts legs on a Halloween staple.  Create the healthiest group costume possible!


The healthy foods are stressed because you have to balance out all of your fast foods!  Pizza Costumes are cool, funny, and might make your stomach growl.  These pepperonis aren’t real, but they look good enough to eat.  Hot Dog Costumes have layered designs and layers of innuendos, while the Taco Costumes are stuffed with everything you need to cross the border.  Fast food costumes possess all of the same qualities as their edible counterparts!


Reboot for part two of your Halloween journey or maintain your head of steam with a Food Costume!

Think Right with a Vegetable Costume to Eat Right!

Nutrition month is still here!  You can’t run away from your bodily temple.  You have to face head on with a steady dose of dieting and exercise.  Nutrition Month’s 2012 motto is “Get your Plate in Shape!”  To honor their conviction, you should infuse that phrase into all facets of your life from your meals to even Halloween costumes.  Fill out your Halloween plate with a Vegetable Costume!


Potato Costumes keep the theme of vegetables and healthy eating on your mind.  It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up in a Baked Potato Costume or a Couch Potato Costume, either one is fine.  Keep vegetables fresh in your mind so that your plate will be well rounded!  For another shock to your system, try a Carrot Costume on for size.  It looks very appetizing.  Make sure you don’t bite yourself when the Halloween candy starts to run low!


Pea Costumes are a great way to program your children into eating their green vegetables!  Nutrition does not discriminate by age because everyone knows it’s an arduous process convincing kids that vegetables taste good.  Food costumes present a secret trick!  If the vegetable costume is cute and funny, they will love it, and they will be reminded of that feeling when dinnertime comes around.  Pumpkin Costumes are also great Halloween costumes.  Pumpkins are iconic Halloween images.  You might find one outside of every home on Halloween night!


Food Costumes have no comparison in terms of flexibility and variety!  Both boys and girls, alike, enjoy these costumes and they serve as great group costumes.  Narrow that category down to vegetable costumes, and now you have an added health bonus!